Friday, March 13, 2009

Importance of Faith

Too often in our world we depend on things that will eventually fail; people, institutions or things. There is only one thing that will never ultimately fail us no matter what happens and that is our Faith in God. While some might argue that God has forgotten them or did not come through for them, the truth is God created each and everyone of us for one specific reason; to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Thus, it would not make sense for God not to do what is best for us. The problem many of us face is that we do not always see what God desires for us as a good thing.

It is a deep and vibrant faith life that will help each of us see God clearly in our daily lives and accept all that Divine Providence brings our way. Faith is not just a nice idea but it is putting our trust in that which we cannot often see. I find many people want God to draw them a map of life, while He prefers to simply guide the way and allow each of us to step out in faith.

So how do you get a stronger faith life? You work at it on a daily basis. You begin by changing your outlook on life and the things that happen to you. Start by realizing there are no coincidences in life but instead there is only God's Providence for each of us. What is Providence? The Catholic Encyclopedia says this: "As applied to God, Providence is God Himself considered in that act by which in His wisdom He so orders all events within the universe that the end for which it was created may be realized. That end is that all creatures should manifest the glory of God, and in particular that man should glorify Him, recognizing in nature the work of His hand, serving Him in obedience and love, and thereby attaining to the full development of his nature and to eternal happiness in God." Simply put it means that God will guide things towards Himself at all times. While one might think this takes away our freedom it really sets us free; free to be the men and women God created us to be.

So when you wake up in the morning simply kneel down beside your bed and make an act of abandonment to Divine Providence. Below is a prayer written by St. Jane Frances de Chantal and is pretty hardcore so if you are just getting started a simple prayer like this would suffice: O God I place my life in Your hands. I trust in Your Divine Will for me and will follow it to the best of my ability today without questioning why me. Amen

Act of Abandonment to Divine Providence

This prayer was written by St. Jane Frances de Chantal

0 sovereign goodness of the sovereign Providence of my God! I abandon myself forever to Thy arms. Whether gentle or severe, lead me henceforth whither Thou wilt; I will not regard the way through which Thou wilt have me pass, but keep my eyes fixed upon Thee, my God, who guidest me. My soul finds no rest without the arms and the bosom of this heavenly Providence, my true Mother, my strength and my rampart.

Therefore I resolve with Thy divine assistance, 0 my Savior, to follow Thy desires and Thy ordinances, without regarding or examining why Thou dost this rather than that; but I will blindly follow Thee according to Thy divine will, without seeking my own inclinations.

Hence I am determined to leave all to Thee, taking no part therein save by keeping myself in peace in Thy arms, desiring nothing except as Thou incitest me to desire, to will, to wish. I offer Thee this desire, 0 my God, beseeching Thee to bless it; I undertake all it includes, relying on Thy goodness, liberality, and mercy, with entire confidence in Thee, distrust of myself, and knowledge of my infinite misery and infirmity.


Prayer Source: Prayers from Various Websites

So this week take time to strengthen your faith by trusting in all that God brings your way. If you find yourself thinking about someone; pray for them, give them a call or write them a letter and just say Hello. You will begin to see that God is working constantly in our lives through each other. It was not an accident you ran into someone at the Union or the readings for Mass spoke to you in a particular way.

Take time to share your faith with another person this week as well. It is important for us to share our faith lives with others so that we might grow in holiness as a community.

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