Wednesday, March 4, 2009


One of the main focuses during Lent is the ability for each of us to sacrifice something for a greater good. Parents do this all the time with their children. The Church invites each of us to willing give up something in order to strengthen our wills towards the ultimate good; God. I have often said to people, "If you can't say No to a chocolate chip cookie. How will you ever say No to your boyfriend or girlfriend?" So during this time it can be helpful to think about what do you do a lot that is really not necessary. For some of you that has been giving up Facebook, pop, chocolate, TV or something along those lines. The Italian bishops encouraged their people to forgo texting on Fridays during Lent. Their reasoning behind it is the danger we can fall into when our entire lives revolve around communicating via electronic mediums. There is no substitute for a good one on one face to face conversation with another person. This will also benefit our prayer life; for there is no better direct line to God than a simple quiet moment in the chapel.

The purpose of our sacrifices is not so that others might see them but that we might acknowledge our own struggle to be free from the things of this world. Christ calls each and every one of us to be set free and yet Satan is constantly working to keep us bound to the things of this world. As you strive for growth in holiness ask the Lord to point out what things are keeping you from a deeper relationship with Him and your neighbor.

For me during Lent I make an effort to write actual handwritten letters to people. While my handwriting makes reading these a little difficult I believe the sacrifice and effort put forth is worth it.

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